Asset gps tracker improves management and saves labor costs

There are a lot of work scenes, such as core equipment, instruments, devices, items and so on. The traditional management of such devices relies on non-automated files-based systems to record and track incoming and outgoing assets, which are managed entirely by hand within the enterprise. Therefore, the management level is extremely low, which not only wastes a lot of manpower, but also causes the slow input speed and low accuracy of asset data due to the thought factor.

Equipment management personnel are unable to grasp the accurate number, status, and Asset gps tracker of equipment in a timely and comprehensive manner. Even the discovery and tracking of equipment loss often lag a long time.

To solve the problem of asset security and real-time monitoring, the first problem to be solved is to obtain the Asset gps tracker and operation information of fixed assets. The GPS locator can be installed on the corresponding asset equipment outdoors. The positioning information and operation information are transmitted to the server through communication signals. The server analyzes the real-time information collected and provides man-machine interface and reports for remote monitoring and management.

Fixed assets positioning monitoring mainly includes the following contents:

1. To realize the safe gps tracker management of valuable assets, that is, to realize the positioning and tracking of valuable assets within a certain range, and to implement system alarm when core assets leave within the specified range. This includes real-time monitoring of Asset gps tracker and movement tracks by time and region.

2. Form and establish professional security alarm system: illegal out alarm, illegal movement alarm, abnormal operation alarm, etc., so as to realize long-term alarm of asset management and decision basis of asset procurement.

3. Combined with the collected asset positioning and operation data information, realize the function of user query and report statistical analysis.

GPS positioning system can realize the comprehensive monitoring and effective utilization of fixed assets, improve the management level, and can better serve all fields.

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