Where in the car are GPS tracker usually located?

Car GPS tracker is to use GPS and electronic map to determine the position of the vehicle, can be real-time tracking of the vehicle, vehicle management and anti-theft role. Now the vehicle will basically install the GPS locator, then the vehicle GPS locator is generally installed in the car which position?


Car GPS locator can be installed in the following 5 positions:

1. The roof lamp above the front windshield;

2. Hidden place in the decorative panel below the front windshield;

3. Hidden place around the front instrument panel;

4. In the door partition;

5. Under the rear windshield trim panel.


Matters needing attention:

1. If the windshield is pasted with a metal insulation layer or heating layer, the GPS reception signal will be reduced, resulting in abnormal GPS operation. At this time, pay attention to replace the installation position of the device;

2. Avoid putting it together with the transmitting source, such as wireless reversing radar, burglar alarm, and other vehicular communication equipment.

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