portable GPS card tracker solution

If you have children, the elderly, or special people in your family, as family members, you are particularly worried about them being lost or missing. Once lost or missing, it will be very shocking to the whole family and it will bring a lot of heavy mentality. Burden and economic pressure.

If your company has field workers, salesmen, or cleaners, as managers, you are particularly worried that they did not go to the work site on time or did not go to the work site at all. This behavior not only affects the company’s overall operations, but also affects the company. The managers put forward very high demands. In response to the above types of scenarios, Great-Will has launched a card-type GPS locator, which can well solve the pain points caused by the above two scenarios.

The portable GPS card tracker, in terms of design, has overturned the rigid shape of the traditional GPS. The overall size is the same as that of the ID card and bank card. The frame is rounded and chamfered, and the grip is comfortable, suitable for chest hanging, easy Tuck into your pocket or wallet and other different placement scenarios.

The host adopts two colors, black and white, and the switch button on the side has a strong integrity and protection. When the switch button is pressed for a long time, it can be in the SOS alarm state. In addition, the overall thickness of the host is controlled to less than one centimeter, which makes the entire product appear lighter and thinner. At the same time, the PCB board is integrated to the smallest area, which increases the battery capacity. The current battery capacity can reach 7800 mA. Under normal working conditions, The battery can be used for about 15-30 days, and in the mode of uploading once every two hours, the battery can be used for about 60-180 days.

In terms of positioning, the MTK dedicated chip is used. In addition to GPS and Beidou dual-star positioning, it also supports WiFi positioning and LBS base station positioning. It is also equipped with high-sensitivity antennas and upgraded positioning algorithms to suit more application scenarios.

Both parents and company managers can accurately view the real-time location and track playback through the corresponding location monitoring system, especially when the environmental signal is in good condition, the positioning accuracy can reach 10-15 meters, realizing all-weather The need for barrier-free positioning. In addition, you can also replay and trace the trajectory, and the historical trajectory can be saved for up to one year, making users more worry-free and labor-saving!

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