Should I choose a 4G car GPS tracker?

Should I choose a 4G car GPS tracker?

As early as 2017, the average access traffic of mobile Internet users has reached 1591 Mbit/s, which is nearly 15 times that of 2012. The average user experience rate has increased from 4 Mbit/s in the 3G era to 13.5 Mbit/s. By this year, 5G has become a topic for everyone after dinner.

In an era when everyone is keen on “speeding up”, car GPS tracker are still in use to support 2G and 3G networks. Some customers wonder whether 2G and 3G networks will delay GPS tracking? There are even some unknowing netizens who preached on the Internet: “The 2G network is about to be closed and everyone needs to use a 4G tracker” or “4G network is much faster than 2G.”

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However, Great-Will, as a brand that focuses on GPS positioning research and development, can responsibly tell everyone that 4G GPS tracker have also been developed long ago, but for car tracker, 2G or 3G networks are sufficient. use.

The cost of 4G tracker is more expensive than 2G, or even several times more expensive. This is only the purchase cost, and the cost of data card is also more expensive than 2G. The so-called 4G is faster than the 2G network, which is negligible in the case of GPS tracker, because most of the needs of everyone are only the transmission of some positioning data and the issuance of commands, which account for a very small amount of data. The GPS tracker does not need a high-speed network, but a network everywhere. 2G currently has the widest coverage and is basically available everywhere, so 2G ​​is generally used.

The current GPS tracker products can also support 4G networks, but the module cost is higher, and the price of 4G is much higher than that of 2G. And the customers who have long-term cooperation with professional GPS tracker manufacturers are some customers who need to purchase in bulk. Yes, if all 4G networks are used, customer costs will be greatly increased.

Under normal circumstances, the positioning error of a car gps tracker under good mobile data is within 3-10 meters, which can fully meet customer needs. In China, the 2G tracker is sufficient, cost-effective, and the second year’s cost is also cheap. Therefore, considering user costs and consumer terminal experience issues, many gps tracker manufacturers currently produce and sell 4G versions, but most of them are 2G.

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