How to operate the GPS locator of the car correctly?

The installation process of the vehicle GPS locator is more complicated. When it is installed in the car for the first time, it must be powered on. The method of installation is to find the positive and negative power supply on the car first, and then connect the normal power supply. The GPS locator is not affected by the car key, and can be in working condition for a long time, and the side with the light is facing up, and it is good not to block the signal with other metal objects. Of course, if you feel that it is troublesome to install it yourself, you can also ask professionals to help you install it.

How to operate the GPS locator of the car correctly?

The GPS locator can be installed at the headlights on the front windshield of the car, or at the hidden place of the decorative panel under the windshield, as well as at the door partition and under the decorative panel of the windshield, etc. These positions can be used to install the GPS locator, but if there is a metal insulation layer on the windshield, it is necessary to avoid installing it here, because it will affect the signal reception and positioning accuracy of the GPS locator. The key to installation is to keep it as concealed as possible, avoid placing it with other vehicle-mounted communication devices, and ensure that it faces upwards.

The car GPS locator can track the distance and trajectory of the vehicle’s movement, store information, and fully understand its situation. The device can be monitored with a variety of terminals, mainly mobile phone clients, PC clients, etc., and can also perform remote control, remote video browsing, and other functions. It is very advanced and convenient. , An indispensable tool for car safety.

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