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Huizhou Great-Will Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional GPS Tracker manufacturer, established in 2007. As a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of GPS tracker products, we export our products to clients in 20 countries.
With 10+ years's development ,Great Will is muture and stable ,growing up together with clients all over the world ,added up to 50 countries .Annual Manufacturing also meet with 90 thousands pieces .It is a big step in GPS industrial .

Our products are exported to many countries

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Our Mission

We sell GPS trackers around the world, help your business grow, and we make your business stand out.Interested?Let's chat.
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    Customer First

    To achieve customer interests as the first.

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    Quality First

    Based on the industry standards, to create high quality products.

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    Continuous Improvement

    Collect customer feedback and improve products.

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    Pursuit Of Perfect

    Take advice, learn lessons, and strive for perfection

We have companies in 28 countries around the world working with us

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Multiple companies designated GPS Tracker providers .

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Our products are available all over the world .

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``Wow, the GPS tracker I bought in Great-Will has greatly reduced my personnel costs, and the management of the fleet is more standardized, which makes my business bigger.``
Luke Jacobs CEO
'With Great-Will GPS tracking, it's much easier to manage. It's so convenient to know when there's anything wrong.'
Sara Grant Chief Executive